25 November 2013: Joint EURBICA and APEx meeting in Brussels - Update and outlooks on the Archives Portal Europe

Following the International Council on Archives Annual Conference in Brussels from 23 – 24 November 2013, the European Regional Branch of the ICA (EURBICA) and the APEx-project will hold joint meeting on the matter of “Update and outlooks on the Archives Portal Europe”. The Archives Portal Europe is a venture in active cooperation of archives in Europe for creating an infrastructure for cross boarder research and investigation of descriptive information. It is initiated and supported by the European Board of National Archivists. The meeting is intended to encourage reflections on new developments and their impacts for the activities of the APEx-project. The meeting's agenda can already be downloaded here. The meeting is open to all archivists. A short notice to the organising team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. would be greatly appreciated (if possible before 11 November 2013).

UK delighted to have joined APE

The UK is delighted to have joined the Archives Portal Europe. You can now search for archives held in UK universities and colleges, specialist repositories. local authorities and business archives.

Austrian State Archive now online!

We are happy to announce that you can now browse the Austrian State Archive with more than 23.000 digital objects of which most of them include at least one picture via the Archives Portal Europe.

Click here to take a stroll.

NEW: the Featured Document on the Archives Portal Europe

We have added a new and exciting innovation to the starting page of the Archives Portal Europe - the Featured Document!

Each of the participating archives of the Archives Portal Europe can now share some capturing examples from their collections with the public. These samples will highlight certain aspects of our common European history and are meant as an invitation to the public to delve into the Portal's and the archive's treasures.

Go to the Archives Portal Europe and check it out!

17 October 2013: Introduction Archives Portal Europe for Dutch archivists

Our Dutch country manager, Wim van Dongen, and a Dutch institution manager, Erik Visscher, will introduce the Archives Portal Europe to archival institutions of the Dutch province Zuid-Holland on 17 October 2013 at the Gemeentearchief Schiedam (Netherlands).

Wim will explain the concept as well as the front- and back-end functionalities of the portal and Erik, APE institution manager for the archival institution of the city of Schiedam (Gemeentearchief Schiedam), which already has content up in the Archives Portal Europe, will inform the audience about his experiences contributing content to the portal.

. Details on the programme can be found here.

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