Collaboration and networking for a digital archival future

Sustainable perspectives through the Archives Portal Europe

Budapest (HU)
07 - 09 September 2015

Welcome to the 2nd international Archives Portal Europe conference.

The Archives Portal Europe has become the main platform where European archives present themselves, their holdings and their treasures. It is the single access point for users to start their cross-border research for archival material throughout Europe. After six years of development within two projects co-funded by the European Commission, the Archives Portal Europe network of excellence – APEx – will now hand over the reins to the Archives Portal Europe Foundation which will secure and nurture the further successful growth and expansion of the Archives Portal Europe.

This three-day conference in Budapest will flag this milestone. Not only will the outcomes and achievements which have already been accomplished, be discussed, but challenges, solutions and concepts for the future will also be examined.

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The conference focuses on four specific topics which originate the conference's structure into topic-related panels. A detailed programme, including links to the presentations of all sessions, is available over here.

1. International cooperation and collaboration
International cooperation is a precondition for building networks and infrastructures, for professional exchange, synergies and common projects. All projects, initiatives, companies and providers – private or public – are invited to present their ideas and experiences of cooperation and collaboration with the Archives Portal Europe.
2. Sustaining digital archival infrastructures
The achievements of digitisation and digital infrastructure projects must be sustained in the long run. We are therefore interested in learning more about methods and – especially – experiences of related projects with regard to governing models, funding and financing methods such as public-private partnerships and membership models etc as well as the question of integrating the wishes and demands of content providers as well as users, into further developments.
3. Assessment of use cases of digital service infrastructures and the re-use of data
The introduction to use cases of the Archives Portal Europe as well as other related projects and digital infrastructures should show the diverse fields eg archival content in didactic practice, re-use by other cultural heritage portals or specific user groups etc.
4. The question of impact
The challenges, opportunities and resolutions to open access, provision and use of archival resources, data protection, legal issues and the potential of open data are topics that affect the development of a cultural heritage portal. Raising the visibility of cultural heritage institutions through portals has an undeniable impact on their established work routines and applied methods. We want to learn more about these together with further current and future challenges archivists and digital portals face.
5. Possibilities and perspectives of digitising archival content for access and possible (re-)use
Presentation of archival content online raises questions with regard to connecting the metadata available on the archival objects with their associated digital representations. National and international best practice examples will show digitisation approaches, challenges and solutions to integrate digital objects with related metadata, as well as aspects of re-using digital objects in new contexts.

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