Aranzazu Lafuente Urién: Archival authority control: an introduction to Encoded Archival Context for Corporate Bodies, Persons and Families (EAC-CPF)

The Archival theory and practice have always recognized the importance of the context of the production of documents. The ISAAR (CPF) and EAC-CPF are standards whose primary aims are the formalisation of the name of the creator as the primary key for the international exchange. How has the process of archival authorities developed? How have these standards evolved until today? What are the relationships between archival authority control and librarian authority control? ...

... How they match together, what are their differences, which elements are the same, how do they converge today? This text has tried to analyze and explain the process of the development of the concept and practice of control of archival authorities, which has been developed in the past 25 years, in parallel with the process and evolution of standards and conceptual models of libraries. It explains this evolution chronologically to the current state of standards today, especially to the Encoded Archival context for corporate bodies, Persons and families - EAC-CPF.

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