26 - 27 February: APEx apeEAC-CPF think pool at the Federal Archives of Germany, Berlin

This joining of mainly WP4 members primarily served to advance the apeEAC-CPF profile and functionalities in the Archives Portal Europe.

To start the meeting off, a comparison of the country-specific status quo of EAC-CPF profiles layed the foundation for further dialogue. Against this backdrop it was possible to gather fresh ideas for the Archives Portal Europe: Possibilites such as "search entry via persons, families and corporate bodies", "linking to other cultural heritage data via persons, families and coorporate bodies", "creating European archival authority files" or how to "extend archival information on persons, famiies and cooporate bodies by linking to exisiting authority files (e.g. VIAF), projects (e.g. SNAC) or other sources (e.g. Wikipedia)" are just a few topics that have been examined.  

Even more inspiring for the Archives Portal Europe was Daniel Pitti`s (University of Virgina) presentation as Project Director of the SNAC project (The Social Networks and Archival Context Project) and the NAAC (National Archival Authorities Cooperative): He highlighted features that could possibly be re-used in the Archives Portal Europe and shared his ideas for further enhancing the portal's overall proficiency.

The fruitful synergetic effects are undeniable and we are looking forward to putting these fresh concepts into action for you!

You can find a review of this meeting by Anna Laszuk (NDAP) in Polish here.

think pool Berlin 

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