Archives Portal Europe Foundation officially launched! Continuity of Archives Portal Europe ensured

On Monday 27 October 2014, Karel Velle, chairman of WP8 of the APEx project, signed the deed of incorporation of the Archives Portal Europe Foundation (APEF) in The Hague. 

The creation of this Foundation marks the last phase of the European APEx project. It must ensure that the Archives Portal Europe – that no longer receives any EU funding after 2015 – can subsist and can be further developed.

APEF pursues the following goals by all means in its powers:

  • maintaining and managing the Archives Portal Europe by enriching, maintaining, updating, expanding and improving the accessibility of the (meta)data contained in the Archives Portal Europe;
  • maintaining and enhancing the infrastructure of the Archives Portal Europe for the benefit of its associates, content providers and users;
  • acting as (inter)national aggregator for the content of European archives to Europeana.

The Foundation has associates, which are European archives institutions that contribute to the proper functioning of the Foundation and thus fund the archives portal. Together, they constitute the Assembly of Associates that oversees the policy of the governing board and the general course of affairs of the Foundation.

Beside the users, the content providers are the most important stakeholders of the Foundation: they make available to the Archives Portal Europe the data and/or metadata from their archives, without this corresponding to an obligation to pay a contribution.

For further information about the goals of Archives Portal Europe and the modalities to become a content provider, please consult the portal’s website at 

The full text of the deed of incorporation shall soon be available on this website.


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