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It was in 1714 that two years of negotiations between European powers brought the War of Spanish Succession to an end. The Spanish National Archives provides a digital image of the magnificent early modern charter of the Treaty of Friendship and Truce between France and England and also involving Spain. Detailed illustrations include the British coat of arms, biting dragons and a small portrait of Queen Anne.

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About the Author

Silke Jagodzinski

Silke Jagodzinski, Diploma in Archival Science and Master in History and Cultural Science. Silke worked five years as member of a digital history project and after that as traditional archivist. She became digital archivist and got advanced training in digital technology related to Information Science. Before Silke started to work for the APEx project at the Federal Archives of Germany in 2012, she gathered experiences with several XML technologies and archival standards in a company for data conversion. Within the APEx project, Silke is involved in most of the Work Packages and has a focus on archival standards and metadata tasks.

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