Report from the WP2/4/6 meeting at the German Federal Archives in Berlin

Last week WP2, 4 and 6 joint up for a meeting at the German Federal Archives in Berlin. 26 project members from 12 countries attended to assess their current standing and work on their upcoming road map.

Before diving into the hard facts of the meeting, take a look at some pictures from the get-together on our APEx Flickr account.

Now, here are some of the results from the meeting:

  1. apeMETS → The development of an ape profile of METS is well on its way and will be published in due time.
  2. Standards dissemination concept → In order to ease the usage of standards and ape profiles, articles, help texts and example files will be produced for APEx partners as well as for the public.
  3. Open Data → Guest speaker, Jane Stevenson from the Archives Hub, presented her experiences with developing and using linked open data within the UK portal - Experiences that proof to be valuable for the further development of Archives Portal Europe.
  4. Evaluation → All in all, there will be three evaluation phases during the APEx project’s life time: the first phase is actually being finalised as we are speaking; evaluating tools, the new developed exchange format EAG 2012 and its implementation. The second evaluation phase will focus on the end-users of the Archives Portal Europe and will be plotted and prepared during the upcoming winter months.


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