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CENDARI (Collaborative European Digital Archive Infrastructure) is a research collaboration that aims at setting up a research infrastructure by integrating digital archives regarding medevial and modern European history.
Europeana is an internet portal that acts as an interface to millions of books, paintings, films, museum objects and archival records that have been digitised throughout Europe.
ENArC - the European Network on Archival Cooperation - initiates a wide range of programmes which share the intention of encouraging and supporting future-oriented and transnational work communities within the sphere of archives and related cultural institutions.
Monasterium is a collaborative archive collecting the historical documents as digital copies for free access which chronicle Europe's political, economic and cultural development from as far back as the Middle Ages
Matricula is the portal which opens an innovative and service-oriented way to access invaluable historical sources of church registers of individual religious communities on a cross-border and interdenominational basis.
Acta Publica is the transnational platform which makes registers from Austria and the Czech Republic available and thereby affiliates the respective archives.
Porta Fontium allocates the throughout history disrupted archival material of the Regional Archives Pilsen (CZ) and the Bavarian State Archives in Munich (DE) - 65 years after the end of World War II this archival material becomes reunited virtually.
EUSCREEN offers free online access to videos, stills, texts and audio from European broadcasters and audiovisual archives. Malvine- Manuscripts and Letters via Integrated Networks in Europe ( an online search service for post-medieval manuscripts hosted by the Berlin State Library and maintained by a European consortium of libraries, archives, and museums.
The Medici Archive Project ( The Project is bringing the Medici Granducal Archive's unparalleled resources for the arts and humanities to a broad international public for the first time, by way of the latest information technology. The archive of the Medici Grand Dukes consists mostly of letters (nearly three million filling a full kilometer of shelf-space) and it offers an incomparable panorama of two-hundred years of human history.
MALVINE provides details on the nature and location of manuscripts held by a wide range of cultural heritage institutions.
European Union Archive Network is a project for the Info2000 initiative launched by DG XIII of the European Commission. EUAN is about opening up access to archives across the European Union. The underlying vision is that a citizen should be able, using the Internet, to get information about the contents of the national archives of another country of the Union.
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