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03 - 04 April 2014: The Archives Portal Europe at Offene Archive 2.1 - Social Media im deutschen Sprachraum und im internationalen Kontext (Open Archives 2.1 - Social Media in German-speaking countries and within an international context)

Our APEx team member Silke Jagodzinski from the Bundesarchiv (DE) will present the Archives Portal Europe during the conference Offene Archive 2.1 in Stuttgart (DE). Her abstract to her presentation "Linked Open Data im Archivportal Europa" is available online here (in German).


This conference is a follow up event of the previous Archive 2.0 and will discuss Social Media related to archives in German speaking countries. Furthermore, the role of Social Media within an international context will be examined.

Not only will Kate Theimer give a keynote lecture but also colleagues from The Netherlands (eg Anneke van der Waarden-Koets, Ingmar Koch and Neil Bates from the EUROPEANA, Den Haag).

The programme comprises lectures from Spain, Poland, Denmark, France and the Baltic States.

For more information about the programme and registration (in German) look here.