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Welcome to the APEx website

The APEx project is now over but the work continues in the Archives Portal Europe Foundation.

The Archives Portal Europe network of excellence -APEx - is a European-based Best Practice Network project aiming at expanding, enriching, enhancing and sustaining the Archives Portal Europe.

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Spotlight on!

The Archives Portal Europe is the single online access point to an ever growing network of European archives, allowing us to gain an easily accessible insight into our shared European cultural provenance and progression, turning the spotlight on the vast network of archival content that documents the excitement of our European heritage as well as reflecting our multifaceted European weave.


Shaping up!

APEx is the joint effort of the already participating European archives and those archival institutions yet to
become partners which are expanding the Archives Portal Europe and gets the archival landscape in shape for
the quickly advancing digital future of our society.

Additionally acting as an important aggregator for Europeana, this venture will certainly enable each of us to
gain a better understanding and appreciation of our present and our past – the future is up to us!

Read more about the APEx project here.